PBS station desired

I think I speak for the entire peninsula when I question “where is the real time, up-to-date news” on the fire? Folks are trying to get information and the media is woefully lacking in providing it. The news provides what has happened yesterday and provides it in such a way that seems detached from the resident’s real need for facts. But what is happening NOW?

How about this… We have a PBS station. Why not get feeds every hour that can be broadcast by the PBS channel? How about a representative that can stand before the camera and show the map and the progress of fire-fighting efforts. People want to know where the fire is going, where the winds are propelling it, and what the real status of the fire is. They want this constantly. This is not small event. Certainly we should not be left in the dark (will the glowing light of a thousand burning spruce trees).

People across the central peninsula are a bit troubled because they are not being provided the essential information they need to make critical decisions.

Public Broadcasting is the way. I want to see an hourly update on PBS as to the extent of the fire, the present measures that are being employed to stop the advance, and most importantly, the direction of the fire.

To the state: You are promoting a sense of panic and confusion BECAUSE there is no authoritative update given to the public. Use the PBS system. It is designed for us and should be used to keep us abreast of the potential danger to all of us who live in the central peninsula.

Do it now….