Panel discussion on homelessness productive

A panel discussion on homelessness on the Kenai was held recently. Panelists outlined concerns including little available housing for low income residents, expensive or sporadic transportation for health care appointments as well as getting to jobs, and major concerns about health including substance abuse. These issues were addressed in great depth and with amazing compassion by the panelists including: Kelly King from Students in Transition Program Coordinator for KPBSD, Elizabeth Kleweno from Dena’ina Wellness Center, Ashley Blatchford from Lee Shore Center, Leslie Rohr from Love, Inc, Kimberly Haviland from Kenai Vet Center, Michael Applebee from VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic, Ravin Swan from Nuk’it’un House, Jennifer Waller from Freedom House and Jodi Stuart from Department of Corrections/Re-Entry Program.

The wide range of solutions as well as the complexity of the homelessness issue were explored from many different perspectives. It is indeed heartening to see so many agencies and groups come together to work towards solutions in our community. There is much to be done.


Sammy Crawford

League of Women Voters