No recourse to deal with aggressive dogs

I live outside city limits and have a neighbor who has three dogs. On Jan. 11 his three dogs attacked my dog as he was passing by their house. My dog was nearly killed and so far his vet bills have been more than $600. Had the attack been on my property instead of in the street I would have had the right to shoot his dogs and been able to sue him for my dog’s vet costs.

Every time I leave my house I must pass his house and his dogs chase my vehicle. I have chased them off my property several times. Once I stepped outside to find one of the dogs standing five feet from me, growling at me. When I stepped back in to get a gun, the dog ran off. I complained to my neighbor and warned him I would kill his dogs if they threatened me again.

I called the Alaska State Troopers today to register a complaint. A trooper told me I could kill those dogs only if they attacked or threatened me or my animals. He said I could not kill them just for being on my property. He was not interested in who the neighbor was and said he was not even going to talk with him.

Even though I told the trooper that there are always children playing in the street in the summer, he reiterated that there was nothing he was going to do.

Got a neighbor with menacing dogs? Until something really tragic happens, there is no help for you!