Nikiski staff critical of Clarion article

The article run by the Peninsula Clarion about a Christmas assembly held at Nikiski High was so egregiously misleading that we, as staff members, feel compelled to respond.

This Faculty Christmas show has been a tradition for our students for more than 15 years. Many community members and past students attend. Most of the article’s information comes from one parent who chose to post libelous statements and flat out lies on the district’s Facebook page. Any reporter or editor for that matter could plainly see that while the district is bound by policy not to discuss details of their investigation, the parent was under no such restraints. There is no indication that any of his statements were fact checked. This is sloppy journalism at best.

The school that is portrayed in the Clarion article is as far from reality as it could be. There are hundreds of parents who will tell you that Nikiski Middle High School has some of the best teachers in the state. This is something that reasonable people know and we are grateful to the parents, students, and community members that have defended our school and staff.