New resident has faith in community shaken

The wonderful feeling I have felt since I moved from Anchorage to Kenai has been ruined. I just sold my truck and was on my way to the bank to deposit the money to pay off my credit card and have some money to live on while looking for a new job. I remember seeing the envelope in my purse while at a local business, but by the time I was done, it was no longer in my purse. It was a white bank envelope from First National Bank Alaska with $8,500 in it. Now I have no money to pay off my credit card, pay rent and eat. I would be happy to give anyone who picked it up a reward for being an honest person with integrity. To everyone else, I would be happy to give you a reward for turning a dishonest person in.

I have called the police. They are doing an investigation. However, my faith is shaken in this community. I’m sorry for the way the world turns. I will not raise my children in the sheltered environment I was. I will make sure that they know this world is filled with people who want what isn’t rightfully theirs.