Navarre stands out for work ethic, knowledge

As a resident of the borough, as an employee of the borough, as a parent, as a taxpayer, as an outdoorsman, and as an individual concerned about my community I have great respect for the leadership that I have seen from Mike Navarre as our borough mayor. I have had the pleasure to work for the borough under four different mayors. From my experience, Mike Navarre stands out for his work ethic, his knowledge about the Kenai Peninsula, his ability to listen voices of concern, and for the integrity of the decisions that he is tasked to make as a mayor for all borough residents. Our choices in local government are very tangible. Those choices have bearing on our roads, schools, solid waste services, public lands, economic environment, state and federal assistance, and of course the effectiveness of our tax dollars at work. The borough is on solid ground at this time. No drama. On the Kenai Peninsula we look forward the continuation of significant oil and gas activity, important fisheries, expanding tourism, and maintaining values in the quality of our lives as residents. Enough cannot be said as to the importance of making sound choices in our October 7th municipal elections. For a borough mayor, Mike Navarre has earned my support.