Navarre earns reader’s trust

Three trustworthiness factors will inform my vote for borough mayor this year: competence, character, and consistency.

In my experience, Mayor Navarre has demonstrated a quiet, deliberative competence that I like. It pleases me that he is on the Advisory Gas Project Review Board for the proposed LNG pipeline and Nikiski terminus. His role in the Funny River fire response was good.  He created collaborative problem-solving opportunities for people to try to work together on contentious salmon issues. Much more.

I am happy that Mike Navarre takes a sober approach to government; and that he is not an ideologue. He avoids hyperbole, theatrics, and conspiracy-theory. He listens to understand. He follows through. These traits speak to his good character.

Mike Navarre’s roots in our area extend back well before his previous leadership as borough mayor in the mid-1980s, his leadership in Juneau, and his return here. His contributions outside of public office also speak volumes. I recall his leadership at United Way, years and years of generous contributions to 4-H, and myriad contributions to local events. His business enterprises endure, and appear to be well-run. Mike Navarre knows where he’s from, and over decades he consistently has demonstrated care for the long-term whole of our larger community.

These are reasons I’ll be voting for Mike Navarre, Kenai Peninsula Borough mayor. Equally in contrast they are reasons I will not be voting for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s ex-right-hand man, the bad-judgment-prone bear who not so long ago was from Maricopa county, Arizona.