Murkowski does ‘what’s right for Alaska’

We all recognize that our government functions almost strictly down party lines. I believe our government is in deep trouble because of this. I also believe that party line voting is our main problem as nothing seems to get accomplished.

It seems that many Alaskans are upset with Senator Murkowski, saying she’s “a Republican in Name Only” because she votes with Democrats at times. Isn’t that why we elected her? She’s there to vote for “what’s right for Alaska” rather than voting strictly Republican. She researches and weighs her decisions before she votes either way. She should not be “punished” for taking a stand that she believes is the right one even if it’s not the way you believe.

I, for one, am proud to cast my vote for Lisa. I believe she’s very sincere, interested in listening about anything anyone wants to talk with her about. If she has done something that upsets you, contact her office and let them know you wish to speak with her. She may not agree with your position, but she’ll definitely listen to what you have to say. If she believes your suggestion will be beneficial to Alaska, she’ll take it to heart and look into the matter.

What more could we ask of a Senator who represents the Great State of Alaska?