Moose now – what’s next?

Recently, three “men” perpetuated a senseless and despicable act on a young moose in Anchorage —jumping on it, kicking it and stabbing it to death with a large knife. This per witnesses according to the evening TV news coverage. From seeing young moose defending themselves I would have to conclude the individuals must be mentally challenged, unless the moose was disabled in some way. I must also conclude that this was not the first time that these men have exacted such cruelty. Per the news report, a sentence of 11 years in prison and $100,000 fine is the maximum that may be meted out. In my humble opinion they should receive all that’s allowed. The justice system will be doing all God’s creatures a favor by protecting everyone and everything from the likes of these individuals for as long as possible. Also, we must pray that these persons’ lives may be changed for the better.