Money won’t fill our stomachs

More foolish talk due to ignorance. Agriculture division is one of the “least important” state services according to an article in the Clarion (State Services Ranked, June 8). And no talk about a public bank.

Why should we care about agriculture when we have oil and gas to fill our bellies. And native populations lived on salmon for centuries. Who needs agriculture? As long as the big oil corporations access our natural resources all will be good.

Unless there is a disruption in the food delivery to Alaska due to war. Or the continued decreasing water sources in the southwest disrupts food production there and the people in the Lower 48 demand first dibs. And then there is the ongoing problems with bee pollination continuing to threaten the productivity of farmers throughout the Lower 48.

Alaska has more fresh water than any other State in the Union. More than twice as much as Michigan. Warming temperatures here can generate new success in food production. Alaska could be premier potato producer. Potatoes grow about everywhere and with our rainfall my harvest has been great. The leaves are poisonous and are ignored by the moose.

Let’s not make agriculture a priority Alaskans. Let’s continue to beg the big oil corporations to get what we love the best. Money, money, money. That will fill our empty stomachs in times of crisis.