Lifeline program should be continued

Lifeline is a nationwide home alert system for people at risk who need assistance but not necessarily a caretaker on site or admission to a nursing home. Many care coordinators recommend and doctors prescribe this vital piece of equipment as it is recognized as a valuable component of prolonging a person’s independence in their home.

Fifteen years ago, the hospital board embraced this program and the coordinator hired to manage it increased the client base to over 400 at one time. I am concerned about the status of the program now that the Lifeline coordinator is gone. I have been told there is a plan for the 375+ people currently utilizing Lifeline units. I commend the board and administration for their foresight and compassion in establishing this vital community service and hope they ensure the program’s continued success by supporting a timely transition.

If you wish to inquire directly, Craig Ashley, 714-4760, supervises the coordinator position and Rick Davis, 714-4723 is the CEO at CPH.

Marcia Beauchamp

Calistoga, California