Letter: With fish board politics, follow the money

With fish board politics, follow the money

With the Kenai River Sportfishing Association, it is always a case of follow the money, whether it was a $4.3 million earmark from Senator Stevens or a $10,000 donation from the hospital. KRSA has scuttled many nominations of qualified people that would not carry their water. Most peculiar, a Soldotna non-profit holding their annual meeting in Juneau for the soul purpose of lobbying lawmakers and political leaders. Has no one caught on to this?

Then there is Captain Cain, who I have found to be informed and fair. I did get to eat some of his retirement cake at the March board meeting.

What lies ahead? More shenanigans from KRSA. Maybe another in-river derby to preserve the habitat. I think there are 6 coho derbies at the last count, but no one has bothered to quantify coho stocks. Follow the money.

John McCombs