Letter: U.S. needs more substance, better quality

U.S. needs more substance, better quality

TV is not only expensive but there are as many commercials as there is movie to watch. Five minutes of a movie and then 5 minutes of commercials, most of which do not have a lot to say about the product being advertised. Many try to have a sense of humor, but in my opinion, they are terrible. Personally, I would rather hear more information about the product than the Hollywood that is most of the commercial. That’s my opinion.

We don’t watch a lot of TV but do enjoy a good movie, check the news for the weather report. After that the news is usually not good positive input. There’s a song about a news caster telling about a plane crash with a gleam in her eye. Nationwide, we are about to lose major retailers. I believe they could make it if they made some changes. In my opinion, if they should set up deals with American-made manufacturers. Give them and our country work. I wish that quality was something we took pride in again. Instead we are producing products to keep up with China and other nations that are not quality. Personally, I’d rather spend more for a product that works and will last.

That’s my opinion.

Carlos Cody