Letter: Love INC overwhelmed by need

Love INC overwhelmed by need

Jessie, Angela, John, Ron and Tom arrived by midday Monday asking for any kind of shelter. This might be a one-day record for homeless requests at Love INC in its 30-year history. With each passing day, new requests for shelter continue. Or, those who have lost family income and are about to be evicted or foreclosed on into the cold. There are over a 100 homeless kids right now on the Peninsula; kids in your kids’ or grandkids’ classrooms. This historically will grow to 250 by spring.

Do you know how it feels to tell someone who is already humiliated, often sick, and fearful of weather exposure that you can’t help them? To watch them leave, knowing they absolutely have nowhere to seek safety? Praying they will be safe?

For three decades Love INC has assisted the poor and needy — no special group other than anyone who is poor or profoundly in need of help — with aid of churches, United Way, and Peninsula residents. Last year we assisted over 1,200 women, men and children in trouble — over 100 a month. This year we’ve lost United Way which helped the neediest of the needy. With each passing decade and financial downturn, the numbers continue to climb including the formerly securely employed oilfield and service jobs. In an area where there are absolutely no emergency shelters, people are incredibly vulnerable.

Love INC has precisely two motels that will even consider housing the homeless for a minimum of $700 per month. Hard to come by, 700 dollars is most often reserved for families with kids, when we can afford it.

What can you/will you do? Can you help with housing space? With a job — even a part-time job? With dollars to get people on their feet? Will you reach out to your neighbors in need — these are Alaskans who’ve had a run of bad luck, physical injury, job loss or a family catastrophe?

Love INC is simply swamped with need. Not only has affordable housing become extremely rare but jobs — any jobs — are hard to come by. Even making minimum wage, it takes two adults working full-time to afford a 2 bedroom $850 apartment. Singles, the disabled and Alaskans on fixed income are being priced out of the housing market across Alaska.

What will you do for your Alaskan community? We seek your ideas, your partnership involvement, financial resources and your prayers. Please let us know that you are concerned and are willing to help.

Catherine Y. DeLacee,

Community and Programs Advocate


44410 Kalifornsky Beach Road

Soldotna, AK 99669