Letter: Keep marijuana stores out of neighborhoods

Keep marijuana stores out of neighborhoods

Voters will soon decide on a very important issue that will impact our neighborhoods for years to come. In my neighborhood, we are simply asking that marijuana stores not be accessible to the young people living nearby. If people wish to buy marijuana, they can do so within the city limits where approved by local government. With two colleges nearby in my neighborhood, the choice is simple. Marijuana stores offering maximum access to our students is a detriment to our neighborhood and to their education if they easily have access to purchase and use it regularly.

I personally have testimonies galore of young students who have been impacted very negatively by their family’s marijuana use and also their own stories of personal use and how it has clearly impacted their ability to think clearly, process ideas, and be motivated to learn and work.

Proposition #1 is not about prohibition, it is about location of stores and simply removing it from neighborhoods where it can do great harm, like near our schools and colleges. I encourage all voters to simply disallow these commercial stores from the Borough’s neighborhoods. Please vote Yes on Proposition 1 for our youth and our young adults’ health and educational futures.

Keith Hamilton