Letter: Incorporation in Nikiski’s best interest

Incorporation in Nikiski’s best interest

Which way? This route or that route? My parcel or yours? Nikiski’s voice needs to be heard.

Nikiski must demand representation and some stake in the LNG issue. But allow this one fact that prevents it from happening: The people of Nikiski have no legal standing.

The first thing the folks of Nikiski need to do is to incorporate. With incorporation will come “standing.” Only then can Nikiski seat a representative that will be listened to. Only then will Nikiski be more than a surly little bunch of North Roaders, full of noise but rather insignificant to the Corporate and Government powers.

The powers that be do not want Nikiski to incorporate. The game is being played and Nikiski’s chair is empty. Until Nikiski incorporates, it will continue to sit on the side of whatever road is bulldozed, helplessly watching it all happen.

Before others build this monstrous thing on Nikiski’s shore, the folks of Nikiski need to first build the City of Nikiski. It’s in Nikiski’s best interest. Visit: www.nikiskiinc.org.

Norm Olson