Letter: Backlog shows disregard for Alaska’s women

Backlog shows disregard for Alaska’s women

Governor Walker has announced that a retired State Trooper has been hired to help clear rape kit backlog.

Allowing 3,500 rape kits to go uninspected for years, which by now, in this late date, in lax police work are contaminated or otherwise compromised to some degree, is not the way to a safer Alaska, Mr. Governor.

Past and present Governors, Attorneys General and the Commissioners of Public Safety, stood by and allowed thousands of violent crimes against Alaskan women to go the way of all flesh. These actions by our public officials not only defy logic but tells Alaska’s women just how little their department of public safety cares about their collective welfare.

This kind of official negligence, paired with, total lack of fiduciary duty boarders on malice, to a point wherein any reasonable person using diligence, and discretion would conclude that Alaska’s women are being denied equal protection under the fourteenth amendment to the U.S. and Alaska constitutions.

Where are the pro-bono attorneys who should be bringing class action suit upon the Governor, Attorney General and the Commissioner of Public Safety, to address injury to these thousands of Alaskan women? Where pray tell is the # MeToo movement for these thousands of abused women, who in the eyes of this writer, have been raped twice?

John A. Anderson