Letter: A little consideration, please

I recently had the pleasure of driving down Mackey Lake Road through two miles of thick, billowing dust as a considerate, productive member of our community sped alongside the road in his ATV. I was particularly appreciative of him given I’d washed my vehicle just that morning. Back at work I relayed the story to co-workers who regaled me with their stories of having difficulty seeing to turn onto Mackey Lake given an ATV-induced dust cloud, and even having one chip their car’s paint as it kicked up rocks speeding down a K-Beach side road.

Regularly we see these folks speeding alongside the Sterling Highway coating hundreds of cars with the dust they kick up. I’m sure those drivers are as appreciative as I have been, especially as the ATV drives over the taxpayer-funded hydroseed alongside the road.

I write with the hope that maybe upon learning of how they’re adversely affecting so many of us with their activity they might become a bit more considerate.

Mathew Cannava