Legislature should expand Medicaid

Dear Alaska Legisture: stop the madness!

This letter is geared towards the Majority, not the Minority.

Enough! Fund education fully, cut the tax breaks for oil companies, break the lease on your fancy LIO in Anchorage, stop with all boondoggle projects that we cannot afford and expand Medicaid now!

You do not have the support of the Alaskan people on the current Senate budget with the outrageous and egregious cuts. We know what you are doing; we get it, you do not! The people have spoken out in hearing after hearing, emails galore, protests, letters to the editor, etc. We are your constituents, not the oil companies or refineries or mining companies.

It’s time to diversify this economy, and we start by fully funding education for our youth. This is not rocket science. As legislators, you should make certain that every citizen has access to basic/essential services we need in every day life. Medicaid expansion should also be a no-brainer as we have many citizens desperately in need of health coverage and it will create jobs! People before corporations.

I have not spoken with one single person, Republican or Democrat, who supports the Senate budget. Stop it — support all Alaskans, not the chosen few companies that do business here. Oil companies are going to drill with or without tax breaks. Stop paying them to take our oil.