Legalizing drugs doesn’t eliminate the problem

At the beginning of the last Legislature, the question of legalizing marijuana for personal use was brought up. One question was asked, how much tax money we can raise with it? Colorado has raised $3.5 million in one month to build new schools which all over the country are a total failure, they do not teach reading, writing, cursive, and now some stupid way of doing math.

I planned on speaking at the Soldotna meeting on penalties for selling drugs, but went into the hospital the night before. My penalty would be a minimum of $10,000 first offense; anything lower, the drug lords would just pay it and proceed. The wonderful smoking industry has made cigarettes so expensive with taxes that they said now high school students would have to use pleasure marijuana instead.

We know a family whose high school student started on marijuana 35 years ago, now can’t hold a job, is on welfare, like millions of the same, but our politicians do not care. Money, money — taxes are worth more than the mental health of our children.