KRSA has done much for river

On Sept. 2 I read an opinion letter from Dwight Kramer. I was amazed at how much research Mr. Kramer did not do. He attempted to downplay the work the Kenai River Sportfishing Association (KRSA) and the Kenai River Classic proceeds have done for the river, the fish, and the fishermen on the river.

When I was a KRSA board member and the chairman of the habitat committee, I had the opportunity to work with the cities, the borough and the state to create and install or maintain numerous projects KRSA had completed or was doing in the river and surrounding areas.

Examples are:

1. Designing and installing the Classic Walk at the Soldotna Visitors’ Center, then rebuilding the Walk completely after it was destroyed in a storm.

2. Rotary Park Parking lot, pathway and grated walkways and steps into the river.

3. The joint venture project in Swiftwater Park, installing stairs down a steep bluff, fishing platforms and steps into the river, plus additional walkways through the park’s river front.

4. Defibrillators in strategic spots along the river to aid the public in case of a coronary emergency.

5. Totally rebuilt Jim’s Landing river front, park, and launch after ice destroyed the work that been done 3 years before.

6. KRSA has contributed tens of thousands of dollars annually for 5-8 years to support river front property enhancement projects, allowing more people to get the 50 percent cost savings for their projects.

More has been done since I left the board and the habitat committee, however.

I took Mr. Kramer’s comments very personally and challenge him to write a letter to the editor showing examples of what he has done for the river and the fishing community.