Just say no on Lawton Acres development

In reference to a Nov. 3 article on how the city of Kenai council manages land: This is at least the third time this year the city of Kenai has brought up Lawton Acres. Since about 1985 the residents have said “no!” to the commercial development of this city owned property that is zoned conservation and contains a neighborhood park. What does the city not understand about “no!”?

Maybe the new mayor and council will break with tradition and listen to the citizens. The council should just say “no!” I hope they do, but I’m not holding my breath, are you?

It is obvious that going to Planning and Zoning Commission, and City Council meetings is ineffective. Most citizens are ignored. Maybe it is time to start looking for more effective ways for citizens to “work” with those involved.

Here are a few suggestions: write letters to the business owner; email, fax, or phone the business owner; write letters to the Clarion editor; call Soundoff; picket the business; boycott the business; might a lawsuit be in order?

We should not have to resort to measures such as these to get the city council to work with us, but what choice do we have?

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