In this election, follow the money

Follow the money. Insurance is being purchased by corporations buying politicians in order to get undying loyalty to avoid laws, regulations, and restrictions on their activities throughout each state where they spend billions of dollars to purchase Federal and State Senators and Representatives, Governors, right down to Mayors and local city, county and borough officials…before you vote, look at who is funding ‘your’ candidate. Americans for Prosperity (Koch money), Crossroads (Karl Rove money), look at the ads while they are running, but read the fine print. Then ask yourself…who will that candidate be beholden to after the election? You? Highly unlikely. His or her funding support? More than likely. So what kind of legislation will those politicians be passing? Favorable to you or your kids or your state or community, for things you need like roads, schools, health care, senior housing, day care, early education, bridges? Don’t bet on it. More likely they will legislate new laws, regulations, and fewer restrictions on their corporate activities to increase their bottom lines, all on your financial backs. Think. Pay attention. And do, by all means vote an informed vote that you researched so your choice is beholden to you and not to some shadowy corporation that doesn’t give a flying fig about you or your concerns. And vote early! In Kenai go to City Hall downstairs! They have ballots for all precincts. In Soldotna, the portable across from the Borough Building….

Whatever else you do, vote. It is your right. Snooze and lose. Say it doesn’t matter…it does. Many elections have been won by under 100 votes…one of those votes could be yours.