Grocery tax immoral

In the “Old Testament” of the Holy Bible, God identified four transgressions that could not be tolerated; idolatry, sexual misconduct, murder, and economic oppression. The Borough and City Sales Taxes on Groceries constitute economic oppression because they demand much more of the marginal utility of income from lower and middle class residents than for the rich and wealthy.

Lower class and middle class residents spend a much greater percentage of their income for groceries. They are much less likely to be able to buy “extra” items on sale because they spend everything surviving paycheck to paycheck. The poor are also much less likely to have an extra freezer for buying and freezing extra numbers of items on sale. Those on lower incomes are also less likely to have the resources or time to travel to Anchorage for less expensive groceries that are not taxed.

We must love God completely and treat our neighbor as we would wish to be treated. We must buy local, boycott Anchorage, and vote yes to repeal the oppression of Sales Taxes on Groceries!