Election pamphlet leaves bad feeling

I was astounded by the State of Alaska’s “Official Election Pamphlet” that not only left out gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker but included a full page negative advertisement against Senator Mark Begich by the Alaskan Republican Party. Is this a reflection of our state administration’s incompetence or corruption? Either explanation presents a very good reason to vote against Governor Parnell and for candidate Walker.

As for the anti-Begich ad in a state-sponsored publication, is that even legal? It doesn’t pass my smell test. It is bad enough to have to endure the lies and slander about Senator Begich that the Koch brothers, Karl Rove’s PAC and Dan Sullivan’s parents are pouring into my mailbox, TV and telephone. These over-the-top efforts just make it obvious that they are trying to buy a Senate seat with cash.

Senator Mark Begich doesn’t please everybody all the time — that is the nature of a moderate politician. But Mark Begich is a real Alaskan who works hard to try to balance the interests of all Alaskans.