Efforts made ‘Ever After’ prom memorable

On behalf of the Soldotna High School Class of 2016, we would like to thank the following businesses, and people for their donations, and help in making our “Ever After” prom an enjoyable and memorable night.

Thanks to the Tsalteshi Trails Association for providing trees, and a special thank you to Bill Holt who helped students cut down trees. Thank you to Fred Meyer for the cardboard you donated, and a thank you to St. Theresa’s Lodge for the use of the canopy. Also, thank you to Erin Micciche who thought of Soldotna High School after the Governor’s Ball, and provided many of the trees that were used at prom.

We appreciate all the parent and community support who helped at Prom and Promenade. Special thanks goes out to Rob McCabe for building the castle, and thank you to Ryan and Brandy Nelson for all of their help decorating. Soldotna High School wants to extend a gracious thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped chaperone and who helped with Promenade.

Additional thanks goes to the Soldotna High School administration and staff for all of their time. A lot of time was put into the lights and audio, and for that we want to extend Paul Wright a big thank you for all of his effort. Thank you to Magnum Opus for providing live music at the prom.

Finally, we want to thank Ms. Cox for putting in countless hours holding meetings, and organizing this event. Thank you to the sophomore class cleanup crew for all of your hard work.

The prom would not have been possible without all of the help that we received. Thank you Soldotna community for making the Soldotna High School prom such a memorable night.