Don’t blame ‘We The People’

In reference to “Young Defends States’ Rights” (Clarion, Feb. 20), Congressman Don Young’s words are appreciated, but actions speak louder than words. Why is Alaska treated as a federal colony, existing only to be plundered by the federal central government and its resources stolen by foreign corporations?

The Clarion quotes the Congressman as saying “… the country has lost states’ rights … a centralized monarch is governing the country. Alaska is being abused … states’ rights will be lost unless individuals speak up to preserve the republic status of the nation.”

Whoa, hold on a minute. The Founders realized that the way individuals speak up peacefully is through a representative government. The House of Representatives is the most powerful body in government because it directly represents We The People. The Founders did not believe that the three branches were equal in power. The real power resides in We The People, not in the executive or in the judiciary. Therefore, Mr. Young, you may find it convenient to point the finger at individuals who don’t speak up, but in reality we already have. We elected you and other representatives to fight for us against those who have forgotten their oath. Have you forgotten your oath, Mr. Young?

According to Gallup, Congress Approval Rating this year is a dismal 13 percent! Why do you suppose that is, Mr. Young? If the representatives we have in Washington and Juneau would abide by their oaths to defend (and obey) the Constitution without fear of lobbyists and special interest groups, the problems you lay at the peoples’ feet would be solved, Alaska would be on the same footing as the other states, and the Monetary Royalists would have to go elsewhere to enrich themselves.

To you and to the rest of our representatives: We elected you to do the people’s business. At only 13 percent, methinks you are doing your own.