Do I have a gun?

As an American citizen, yes, I do and was taught how to use it when I was about 11 years old. This took place on a farm during the bottom of the Depression and my brother, 9 years older, used a shotgun as we had a small .22 caliber rifle which became my hunting weapon. This was to walk the fence rows around our farm in Northern Iowa to hunt rabbits for food. If I missed, big bro would use the shotgun. We were pretty much able to keep frozen rabbits hanging in our entry room, and they were pretty tasty as there was plenty of corn in the fields for them to eat. I never took up the shotgun though, hunting rabbits in what was known as part of the greatest area in Iowa to hunt ring neck pheasants. I walked many a corn row for my older uncles and members of the family. I have confidence with the gun we have though as it is probably in the 80-90 year age bracket.