‘Deacons for Defense’ are not vigilantes

I support the people’s right to vote on whether to establish a Law Enforcement Service Area (LESA) for Nikiski. I will be voting no on this proposed ballot measure. It will do little to deter Nikiski’s drug problem that fuels a property crime problem. Until the people stop the economic success of drug dealers the problem will continue.

On May 24th I announced (through a published letter in the Clarion) the establishment of the Deacons for Defense. Calling on local militia members in Nikiski to join in my efforts to disrupt the economic success of Nikiski’s drug dealers.

At the June 4th meeting in Nikiski, to discuss the proposed ballot measure, my old friend told the audience I was planning a vigilante group. Nothing could be further from the truth. Vigilantes are just as destructive to the safety of communities as are drug dealers.

And in fact, the original Deacons for Defense was established to protect the community from vigilantes.

I have had a long history of exposing bullies. Whether that bully is a government agency, employer and now drug dealers. But I have learned the cost is great when you do it alone.

Recently a Nikiski resident told me his story. His neighbor was manufacturing drugs. He called the troopers. They told him they were too overwhelmed to investigate all rumors. They encouraged him to take pictures and get license numbers of the cars. He was alone and feared retribution from the drug dealer. He was advised, by a friend, to burn down the drug house. Vigilante justice, which I deplore. This resident wisely chose not to take that action.

He knew there was a child and his mother living in the house of the drug dealer. Seven years later the troopers arrested the dealer.

Hurray for the troopers. But with such great economic opportunity another drug dealer took his place. They always do when the people tremble in fear.

Only men and women with courage and faith can change the Nikiski drug problem that fuels a property crime problem. The question remains, does Nikiski have the men and women of courage and faith?

I will not do it alone and continue to look for more militia member support and others in my community.