Contributions support mission trip to Laos

On behalf of my family I would like to offer thanks to the owners of 
TrustWorthy Hardware, and their staff for welcoming us to their facility for 
several weekends. Thanks are also due to Kalifornsky Christian Center, and pastor Steve Toliver.

In addition, thank you to the many friendly community-members who 
purchased cookies at our bake sales.

The funds raised will help send our 
son Nathanael on a missions trip to Laos. The organization he is going with is Chi Alpha, from the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus.

His trip is made with two objectives; not only will he help build a 
bridge in the jungle, but also he will serve at an orphanage.

Nathanael’s dates of travel will be May 9th through the 19th, 2016. For 
more information about his trip you can follow his blog:

Upon his return home, he will post an invitation (on his blog) with a location and time. Those who would like can hear about Nathanael’s 
adventures in person….and eat more cookies. Only this time, the cookies mwill be shared as a gift of thanks to you for your support and prayers.

For more information, please phone me at 260-6916.