Contribution makes a difference for food bank

The Kenai Peninsula Community Foundation made a difference in an individual’s life today by contributing funds for cooler shelving and fruits! The Foundation’s incredibly generous donation of $750 will help provide food safe equipment and feed Kenai Peninsula residents who live in areas from Homer to Seward. At the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank, we provide food to anyone who comes to ask for help in feeding themselves and/or their families. We, the staff at the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank, say thank you on behalf of the hundreds of families you will have helped with your contribution. Elders like Tony or Patrick who also brings his elderly mother to acquire frozen fish or fresh fruit as a snack. Michelle and her children can eat a hot lunch in the Fireweed Diner. Did you know each meal requires a pound and a half of raw food? We look forward to working with all of you in the future. You can help us with our mission “We feed people because no one deserves to be hungry”

Mark the dates for the Clash of the Culinary Kings on May 13th and the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank Soup Supper &Auction August 26. Join us for lunch in the Fireweed Diner and visit our website or like us on Facebook for opportunities.