Clinton should face Sanders in runoff

A June 26 letter to the editor in the Alaska Dispatch News suggested Barack Obama serve two more years as president. The idea seemed far-fetched, but in light of recent revelations of Democratic National Committee actions to sabotage Bernie Sander’s campaign it deserves consideration.

The DNC actions were improper and illegal. The fact that Bernie did so well anyway is strong evidence that he would have won the nomination had the DNC remained neutral. Bernie was robbed of the opportunity to run for president and Hillary’s position will never be considered fully legitimate.

The only proper way to resolve it is a run-off election between Hillary and Bernie. Not a staggered primary but a single event.

In a grand agreement demanded by millions of aggrieved voters there will be a run-off election after the Democratic ticket wins in November. Until it is over, Barack Obama will continue to serve as president. You might say I’m dreaming.