City should purchase land for beach road up front

I see the Kenai City Fathers are making good on their plan to get the hoards of dip-netters to the South side of the Kenai River in exactly the same amount of time and driving the exact same distance as it has taken before at the original beach entry, Dunes Rd. The one exception to the timeliness issue occurred for the first time two summers ago when the owner of the large white house adjacent to Dunes Rd. erected a fence around his property on the beach.

During the high tide day or two that occurred, fisher people had to wait to get around his fence. Oh, wait, all those folks would have had to wait anyway further down the beach when those same high tides came up to the fence, obstructing all traffic!

So, back to the same premise: at a savings of zero time, zero distance, the destruction of wetlands and its habitat and the expenditure of $9,000,000, the City is building its road to the beach at the end of Cannery Rd.

If readers recall, another part of this madness is that part of the funding will go to buying the property and/or homes of the folks who own said property and homes between Dunes Rd. and this new road. And why do that you ask? It’s to prevent the hardship to those property owners when dip-netters and everyone else the remaining fifty weeks of the year, trespass on their property. Yep. We walk or drive on the beach above the mean high tide line. Oh my.

But I’ve written this stuff before so I’ll move on to my next inquiry, one I didn’t address previously. There appears to be a very beautiful new home being built on a beachfront lot. The lot they’re building on lies along the row of property that the City is prepared to buy from owners so they won’t have to endure the anguish of seeing people on “their” beach.

If the City wants to buy these existing homes, it makes me wonder if they will just streamline the process with this and future new houses and simply pay for their construction up front. Why dilly dally around and pay the new owners back? That seems so inefficient. Having the municipality of Kenai build your home, exactly as you like it.

As I wrote before, what am I not understanding? It seems to me to be so amazingly ludicrous that any of this is happening, especially at a time when the State has overwhelming budgetary issues. But it’s happening. And if I am correct about this new house, hurry up folks! You too can have the City build and pay for your new home. If it were me, people could walk on my beach.

I’d even put out cookies!