Citizens should take on community policing

Rumor has it, the voters in Nikiski will be voting for establishment of our own local police department. It is believed, the development of the new LNG plant will bring (eventually) an expansion of tax revenue from big oil corporations. In the meantime, the burden will be placed on working folks who pay and pay and pay again for government agencies.

Perhaps it would be wiser to wait for the revenue to be received before expanding such government departments. And we could just follow Vladimir Putin’s plan to help keep the community safer. Russia is in economic crisis and lacks the revenue to keep Moscow safe. According to The Fiscal Times, “Putin Turns to Volunteer Vigilantes to Patrol Moscow.” (May 14, 2015)

What a concept, calling on the people to do for themselves when government cannot provide.

It reminds me of the 60’s when people of color established “Deacons for Defense” to keep their community safer from those who would harm them.

Excellent idea and past history of our nation. I think I will see if the militias in Nikiski are ready to serve their community and volunteer to patrol our own neighborhoods free of charge. As I have learned, a non-government entity does not have to play by the same rules as government agencies. We could work with the police and expose the drug dealers that so many in the community talk about. And no increase in taxes for the young working folks attempting to support their families.