Caucus for Sanders on Saturday

Saturday, Alaskans will have an opportunity to support a presidential candidate who’ll probably come around only once in our lifetime.

Bernie Sanders believes that when we stand together and demand that this country work for all of us and not just the few, then we will transform America.

It breaks Bernie’s heart to see Americans holding car washes and bake sales and selling their possessions to finance life-saving medical care.

Bernie is sick of pointless wars — butchery that diminishes our nation in the eyes of the world and fiascos which only seem to benefit those who invest in defense industries. He’s outraged that while many American children go to bed hungry, the tables of the wealthy are sagging with food.

Most of all, Bernie is hell-bent on cleaning up our political system so that our elections really are elections, not auctions!

We may not always agree with Bernie but one thing is for sure — he’s honest, he’s passionate, he cares about us and he is nobody’s sock puppet.

Join us as we caucus for Bernie Sanders at the Challenger Learning Center, Saturday, March 26. If you are a registered Democrat, please arrive before 10 a.m. If you are willing to change your party affiliation to Democrat so that you can participate in the caucus, please arrive at 9:15 a.m. and we can assist you with that change.

It’s now or never, folks!