Candidate needed to stand up to oil companies

Following the 2008 FBI investigation of the Corrupt Bastard’s Club that resulted in the indictment of six Republican state legislators, lawmakers crafted an oil tax law that worked for Alaska’s citizens: ACES. In fact, thanks to ACES, we have a surplus of cash in the bank that is helping us weather low oil prices.

But good things never last. In response to having to pay production taxes at levels considered normal worldwide, the oil industry installed a whole new team of Republican lawmakers in Juneau and former ConocoPhillips employee Sean Parnell’s administration drew up new oil tax production laws that presently place us in the ridiculous position of actually paying oil companies to take our oil.

Time to clean house and elect new legislators who have the integrity to spurn corporate sugar daddies and who will put the needs of our families and our communities first.

Folks like Shauna Thornton, who not only has solid business experience but who has gone to the trouble of preparing for public service by pursuing a degree in public administration.

Shauna is a tender-hearted woman but she’s also a tough cookie who isn’t going to roll over and play dead when the oil industry begins their bullying and scare-tactics in order to continue reaping an unfair share of oil profits. She will stand up to them and make sure that we will reach a new accord with them that not only satisfies their shareholders’ interests but also fairly compensates Alaska’s citizens for their oil!

Please join me in supporting Shauna Thornton on election day!