Calling all moms

As I write this my heart is breaking. Breaking for all the mothers who lost children in the recent school shooting in Oregon and all school shootings across our nation. Imagine putting your child on a bus in the morning and being called in the afternoon to be told your child died in a senseless act of evil.

We live in a dangerous world. Our children should feel safe and valued in their schools. Having worked in the district for many years I have met some wonderful teachers and administrators and have seen how special and precious our children are. Every day I see mamas dropping off their children in hopes of giving them better lives and a bright future. How can we help these children and schools succeed?

Moms in Prayer International was founded by two moms who prayed together for their children and schools. Today it is world-wide and there are amazing answers to prayer daily. For a small investment of your time (1 hour per week) you can become a part of a great opportunity to impact our local schools. Trust me it will be such a blessing you will be amazed. If you are interested in praying with me for SoHi please call me at 252-3676. If you can pray for any school or would like more information please contact Jeanne at 252-9249. We have already seen some epic answers to prayer this year.

Please join us in this wonderful opportunity and God Bless Moms.