Buy local, boycott Anchorage, vote yes

It is time for the people of the Kenai Peninsula to support local businesses by choosing to boycott Anchorage. The money we are handing over to Anchorage businesses should remain on the Kenai Peninsula to assist local businesses and support local families.

The money spent on fuel traveling to Anchorage would be spent at local businesses on items of need. The underpaid middle class and the suffering lower class would find lower prices on the Peninsula if we all stopped buying in Anchorage and instead supported local businesses.

A yes vote to remove Sales Taxes on groceries is the best way possible to support local businesses and families. By removing the Sales Tax on groceries, local prices will be much more competitive with Anchorage. With the elimination of Sales Taxes on groceries, residents will buy local and there will be a significant increase in revenue from Sales Tax on other items.

Most importantly, people should be allowed to eat without the government stealing from their pockets. The right to eat is a moral imperative. If we allow the government to increase Sales Taxes on groceries, what will be next? Are they going to tax the air we breathe?