Business no longer able to accept Medicare

An open letter to Medicare patients from Freedom Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation:

To start, thanks for the trust and confidence you have invested in us since our opening. Together we’ve seen tremendous gains. In fact, many of you with long-term, wide-spread and severe pain have seen elimination or huge reductions in that pain along with improvements in movement, strength and function.

Medicare has a well-established record of paying medical practitioners poorly along with the addition of burdensome stacks of charting requirements. However, while we were willing to deal with those issues and were compliant with all of their standards, they have now arbitrarily and retroactively declined any payment for services already provided. This is despite former assurances of payment. As such, we are committed to complete the full course of physical therapy treatment for our current Medicare patients — and do so without charge — but can no longer accept Medicare insurance.

Unlike stodgy governmental bureaucracies, we must earn a profit to support our families — and pay taxes to support institutions with which we vehemently disagree. It is with our deepest apologies that we were forced to make this decision.