Border rules need better enforcement

With little to do but watch TV I become amused at the pictures of all those children who have been invading the U.S. from neighboring countries to the south of us. Either my eyes are bad or something else is wrong. Most of the pictures I’ve seen are of people who are adults, maybe over 18 years of age, yet the news people all see them as children. Who is promoting and paying the way for them to come north? It would be of great interest to me.

Our Border Patrol has no direction about what to do, so let’s appoint a good general from the Army to hold some rough camping drills along the border and turn these people around, they are none of our responsibility. Our wonderful friend to the south will throw a person in prison if we cross the border, so let’s turn the rules around and enforce them like they should be. My America has became a very sickly run country.