Be an abolitionist

If slavery were on the ballot this November 8, would you be for or against it? Do you think one person can completely own another? Do you think it is right that one person can mistreat, abuse, and even kill their slave with no legal repercussions? Do you think it is right and just that the slave, though a human himself, is owned by another and accorded no human rights?

The two parties are clear where they stand on this issue. The Democratic National Committee platform clearly advocates for slavery as a fundamental right and seeks to expand it and to increase taxpayer funding for it. Conversely, the Republican National Committee platform clearly opposes this evil practice and promised to stop funding it. The choice is clear.

Be assured that slavery is on the ballot this November. We call this slavery abortion. Wake up! This is the human rights issue of our age.

Where do you stand? Will you vote for slavery? Or do you have the courage to be an abolitionist? Remember, only those who were free defended the institution of slavery and only those already born defend the institution of abortion.