Attacks on Sullivan could hurt Treadwell’s future in politics

Barack Obama promised to fundamentally change America. Many of us believe he is fundamentally ruining America and as a result our country is in serious decline. The list of failed policies from our ever increasing debt, national security, immigration to the abuse of executive power is startling. In Alaska we have democratic Senator Mark Begich who votes lock step with our dysfunctional president. For these reasons we felt compelled to seriously participate in the Alaska senatorial race.

Neither my husband Ted nor I have actively engaged at the forefront of a political campaign; politically, much of our time is dedicated to protecting our hunting heritage and Second Amendment rights.

When it came time to vet the senatorial candidates we met with both Sullivan and Treadwell and engaged in serious conversations regarding Alaska and its people. We sincerely consider issues with conscientious research and strongly believe that Dan Sullivan is the right candidate to win this race.

Three things stood out for us: (1) We connected with Dan on many levels when it came to understanding the complexity of Alaska’s issues as both Attorney General and Commissioner of DNR. More importantly, he recognized the relationships you build along the way with Alaskan people are invaluable to solving problems and strengthening our state.

(2) Sullivan has an impressive record of results. The legal challenges filed against federal overreach such as the EPA, Obama Care and the Endangered Species Act, additionally, the colleagues who worked with him at the state level had similar opinions of Sullivan; he is a result motivated individual. Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude, motivation and results.

(3) Dan Sullivan’s family. His three impressive daughters and wife Julie are dynamic gifted women who are the pillar of the Sullivan family.

My concern is Treadwell’s campaign is lacking clarity of the resources necessary to defeat Mark Begich and his record of accomplishments.

Personally, I have nothing against Mead Treadwell, he’s a nice man, however, my trepidations are growing for future political support.

The recent statements by the Lt. Governor should have us all concerned,

Treadwell states to the Wall Street Journal and local talk radio:

“He can talk about sending letters and filing lawsuits, but there’s not much that he’s accomplished here in this state,” Treadwell told the newspaper. “And anything that he has accomplished he’s accomplished because the governor and I got elected, OK?”

Treadwell, Alaska’s sitting lieutenant governor, told the Wall Street Journal that Sullivan should never have entered the Senate race, and “he’s just not ready. “The arrogance of coming in here and saying, ‘I’m your gift, I’m gonna run.’ I don’t think he should have run,” Treadwell said.

Unfortunately the tirade of statements are not becoming of a Lt. Governor. Political campaigns can be brutal and adversity defines a person’s character. Until Mead Treadwell can demonstrate leadership qualities convincing Alaskans that he is the best candidate for the U.S. senate, the fires of discontent will continue to burn in the Treadwell camp.