An easier way to fill the freezer?

A few of us were lamenting the other day about the upcoming dip netting season that is about to pound us peninsulars. Our collective thoughts are that this fishery is a detriment in many ways to our area. However, our collective wisdom came up with a solution. Have the commercials catch the reds at the mouth of the river. Sell them at a reasonable cost to the city of Kenai, and then the city of Kenai sells them at cost to fisherman at the local vacant Lowe’s store. Employ some local folks to see this is done in an economically viable way.

Wow! No more beaches inundated with decaying fish carcasses, feces laden waters, etc. Come get your 35 reds folks! Guaranteed instead of coming down and getting skunked because the commercial folks are out on emergency fishing. Get rid of the road to the south beach. Use the Lowe’s facility. People will still come frequent the businesses for the cheap fish. Commercial folks make some money.

Just some folks sitting around thinking …