America still based on Christian values

I write in response to Sunday’s editorial “More than words.” The words “one nation, under God” recognize the fact that our Founding Fathers were Christian and that the strength of this nation rests on its adherence to the ethics and morals of a Christian society. While this nation, as the “melting pot” it has always been, welcomes all faiths and creeds, it is still based and built upon Christian values. “In God We Trust.”

When my ancestors arrived from Germany and Sweden in the late 1800’s, they and their children learned English and were proud of their American citizenship. Those choosing to leave their birth country and take up residence in these United States of America should be proud to speak the language of their new homeland and be governed by the Christian standards upon which our Constitution is based. We should — indeed, we must have the backbone and the integrity to stand up for and protect those standards. It is appropriate for governmental entities to guard against that which defies and demeans our Christian heritage and foundation. That these groups exist within our society is in keeping with our acceptance of differences; but they should never be permitted to undermine those tenets upon which our nation — our great nation — was founded. The Untied States of America needs the prayers of all the faithful who pledge their allegiance to a nation founded and dependent upon the morals and standards of Christianity.