Alaska’s senator should value privacy

Alaskans can all agree that privacy is our right. We don’t like people telling us how to live and we don’t like the government nosing into our private lives.

So it’s very troubling that U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan does not value privacy like we do. Yes, he will tell you every chance he gets about how he is fighting against government overreach. But he was part of the very administration that implemented the PATRIOT Act — a bill that has led to the biggest, most egregious overreach of the government into our lives this country has ever seen. And he’s since failed to condemn the legislation — giving vague answers when asked about it on the campaign trail.

We can’t send someone to D.C. who won’t protect our privacy — it’s that simple. Send Mark Begich back to the Senate so he can continue fighting to protect our constitutional right to privacy, as he has for the past six years.