Alaska’s delegation is part of Washington, D.C. problems

Well, there they were, our three knuckleheads from Washington, D.C., standing there trying to convince us what Alaskans they are. The old man of the House of Representatives that’s been fighting the same battle for 35 years (opening ANWR), declaring “we’re going to get it done, yet!” Maybe Americans don’t want what you’re hocking, Mr. Young. Then the lady of the senate (Lisa Murkowski) who everyone knows her daddy gave her the job in the beginning. And the newly-paid-for man, who real Alaskans had never heard of before the Koch brothers bought him a senator seat, saying federal overreach “is worse than I thought.” I believe Alaska has never been so poorly represented in Washington as now. When they talk about how bad Washington and the federal government is, I’ve got news for for them — they are Washington and the federal government, an two of them have been for a long time. They can’t count themselves innocent of what has been happening down there, just because they don’t have the art of compromise and getting things done. They live in Washington, D.C., and they aren’t fooling this lifelong Akaskan that they’re really beat down Alaskans fighting the horrible big brother thousands of miles away.