Alaskans can’t afford not to elect Mead Treadwell

I spent the last four legislative sessions in Juneau — first as a House Page and then as Staff to Representatives. During that time I have gotten to know, or have closely observed all four candidates.

I met Lt. Governor Treadwell my first year in Juneau and have gotten to know him. He isn’t consumed in himself and is a balanced individual as demonstrated by the fact that, as a widower he raised three great kids (a very time consuming job and one that is difficult to do alone).

Mead isn’t a lifetime politician; he spent his career in investments, and establishing and managing businesses. Over the years he became a renowned expert on Arctic policy (Alaska is the only state and reason the US has any say in Arctic Policy) and has been sent to many Arctic Policy diplomatic conferences around the world. He has successfully dealt with a myriad of space exploration issues, including satellite designs. He has started businesses where he created digital watermarking used in safeguarding our money and other things. Has developed part of the technology used in mapping cameras that google earth’s cameras use to map the world.

During Mead’s Lt. Governor campaign, he and the governor won the majority vote of 39 of our state’s 40 house districts. Former Commissioner Sullivan was appointed to his positions and although Joe Miller won a primary election he has never been elected to a state office.

We need Mead as someone who is conservative and won’t just go along with the passive attitude of the Speaker of the House in DC. Mead will work with others to tell Washington, we don’t want Obamacare, we don’t want gun control, and we don’t want ridiculous federal over-reach by the EPA that doesn’t let Alaska responsibly use our resources. Alaska doesn’t need another moderate republican senator such as Dan Sullivan would be.

Lastly, regarding Joe Miller I supported Joe in his campaign against Senator Murkowski, I was all for him at the time, but what really made me lose my respect for Joe, happened when I was a delegate from my district in 2012 to the Republican state convention in Anchorage.

If you followed this in the news, it was a mess. During the whole convention numerous individuals with Joe Miller egging it on, acted very out of order, created havoc with the climax of chaos happening when they all stood up and shouted Lisa Murkowski down while she was attempting to give her address.

I’m not a fan of how Lisa acted in the 2010 election, I think what she did was wrong but there is something called respect that Joe and his followers didn’t have at the convention. I believe Joe needs to give up his blatant grudge and inability to compromise civilly with his potential dual senator before anyone should elect him.

Alaska needs to replace Mark Begich by electing Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell – the only candidate with enough history and across-Alaska experience to beat Mark Begich.