A prayer of thanks for wildland firefighters

Firefighter take a knee! On the ground, in the truck, in the air tanker of chopper, in the office on the radio or phone, whatever you do to fight the Funny River Horse Trail fire, we here in Alaska wish to extend our hands toward you for thanks and God’s blessing for all that you have done. To you that camped on the line and faced the raging inferno with mattock, saw and axe. You that flew blindly close to the wall of flames and dropped water. You who inhaled smoke for hours and sweated facing imaginable heat, you who decided which crews to deploy and direction to take to save one home. Without you we would of lost all our communities north, south, and westerly for sure. But because of you and your work we have a home to return to.

Thank you firefighters all! Now we know that you are instrumental in that by God’s grace we have not lost life in this wildfire, we know that you indeed have the strength and commitment to be the best you are in what you do. So in this community of folks far and wide do extend our hands toward you in prayer giving our blessing and asking God’s blessing on you and your family for his protection and thankfulness. In Christ Jesus we so agree this day and hour so be it in gratefulness this day on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska and parts beyond being to us do bless you! Amen!