A plea for civility

I would like to make a request of a certain segment of the community, those who verbally abuse store workers who are just doing what their employer has instructed. Please stop.

Liquor store clerks are required by state law and store policy to ask for ID.

If you are offended, take it up with the state legislature and/or store management. It is not appropriate to call the clerk a bleeping Nazi. The clerk is just trying to make a living and does not make the laws or policies.

If a door person at a store asks to see a receipt, it is not appropriate to call him or her a bleeping idiot or say he or she is bleeping stupid. Store management makes the policy. If you have a problem, go to the ones who make policy. The working man or woman needs the job to pay bills and live.

People who don’t do as their employers instruct them do not have jobs for very long. So let them do their jobs without verbal abuse. If you don’t like it, you are perfectly welcome to say something like, “I don’t like this practice and I wish the store would not ask you to do it.” Fine. But don’t, as one man did, throw a wadded receipt at the employee. Pretty childish for a man obviously in his 60s. And while you are dropping your F-bombs, there are often other customers near with small children. I am sure they don’t appreciate your ignorance and lack of civility.

The majority of customers get it. They understand a working person is just doing his/her job. I thank them, but I ask the others to consider some adult behavior and civility when in public.