A little consideration goes a long way

I was at Fred Meyer in a wheelchair van parked in a handicap parking space. When I came out, someone had parked right next to the van, in a space that was clearly not a parking place and we were unable to put the ramp down to get in.

I realize it is a busy world. I’d love to park (illegally) and run in to do my quick shopping, oblivious to the fact that my actions have a direct impact on someone else’s life. Sure, that would be convenient.

Unfortunately, I do not have that option.

People assume that because we have disabilities, we don’t go out into the community. Truthfully, we like to go out as much as anyone else. Talk to us about it. You may be surprised!

Please, take a moment to consider where you park, and please, be considerate of others. What may take an extra few minutes for you to find parking can make all the difference.

Thank you!